Plastic Fence Gallery

Check out below our plastic fence gallery.

Look through the pictures below to help you decide which style of plastic fence and caps would be the best for your property or business.

We also have a great range of free standing, temporary fences. All of our temporary fencing has been designed by us, from the ground up. You can see pictures near the bottom of the page or click on the link to go to our temporary fence website.

We try and meet our customers every demand, this is way we often make bespoke, custom fences to our customers specifications. With over 10 years in the industry we have customised every style of plastic fence in just about every imaginable way. A few examples of this are at the bottom of the page.

Picket Fence

We have 2 basic styles of picket fences: the Straight Picket Fence and Scalloped Picket Fence, both styles come as standard in 3 and 4 foot heights.

Privacy Fence

Our privacy fence comes in 2 styles: with lattice on top and without. As standard, this fence only comes as 6 foot high and 8 foot wide. However, this is a fence that is very easy to customise and adjust to suit most heights and widths.

Post & Rail Fence

The post and rail fence comes in 3 different sizes in accordance to the amount of rails that the fence has. As standard we have 2 rail, 3 rail and 4 rail.
This is another fence that is very easy to customise and adjust in order to shorten or add rails for a more closed board fencing feel.

Pool Fence

The pool fence is perhaps the most versatile fence we offer – often used for its intended purpose of fencing off a pool it is also often used as a front garden fence or even as a balustrade on stairs and balconies.

Temporary Picket Fencing

Our ground breaking new range of temporary fencing comes in 3 distinct styles: the classic picket fence, 2 rail and 3 rail fence. All sizes are 6 foot wide and each section comes with joiners, allowing you to connect the section together either in-line or at an angle.

Custom Fences

And here is a small gallery showing just a tiny portion of what we can do when we say; custom fences. We can alter anything from height and angle to size and shape.

This is just a small snippet of what we do. It would be impossible to make a gallery big enough to show all of the varied styles and sizes, not to mention the countless customised fences and bespoke gates.

If you were not able to find a fence that looks ideal for you, don’t panic. We are confident that we can either find or build your ideal fence. Call or email us to discuss what you would like and we will do our best to make your perfect fence come to life.