Personalize Your Plastic Fence

The final stage of choosing the fence that is perfect for you!

No matter which plastic fencing you choose we have a choice of caps. The choices available can dramatically change the look of your fence allowing you to customise your fence at no extra cost. That’s right, there is no extra charge. Whichever caps you choose, it is included in the price. You can choose caps for your fence posts as well as the pickets in the case of the picket fence. Just like the fence, the caps are plastic and come with a lifetime warranty. All of our plastic fencing caps are designed with a flange that slots inside of the post or picket that is there for the glue, meaning that there is no screws or tools needed in order to fit the caps. Simply spread a small amount of glue onto the flange and place on the post or picket.

Our plastic fencing caps have proven their strength and durability not just by withstanding the every day demands of the fence. Standing effortlessly against the wind, rain and snow. We have also sold our caps to various other trade people, using our caps for guttering, plant pots and decorative solutions, just to name a few.

Your fence could be as unique as you are.

When you choose a fence, you can also choose from our selection of caps and picket tops it will be your unique and personally designed plastic fence.

Freedom to customise your plastic fencing allows you to create a style that perfectly accentuates your home.

Seamless Gothic Cap
4″ or 5″

Outside Pyramid Cap
4″ or 5″

New England Cap
4″ or 5″

Inside Pyramid Cap

Pointed Picket Tops

Dog Ear Picket Tops

If you cannot decide which design is best for you, click on our gallery here to see the different caps when the fence is actually assembled.