Custom Fence & Village Gates

On jobs where a standard fence doesn’t fit the bill, we can make ‘made to measure‘ panels in every style of fencing that we sell. Whether it’s a small customisation to the picket fence, a village gate or a post and rail fence, we can make countless adjustments and customisation to existing fence profiles. Insuring that the fence you envisioned is the fence you get.


Because we still use the exact same UPVC profiles that all of our fencing is made up of you can rest assured that our custom fences are every bit as tough, long lasting and maintenance free as any other product we sell.

  • Like all of our products, the custom fence and village gates come with a 30 year warranty
  • Every profile is made with a UV inhibitor that insures the fence will not fade or discolour
  • 4 times stronger than wood
  • No painting, ever! Because the fence is white all the way through rather than painted or covered in a colour film it never needs painting
  • Because it’s UPVC it will never splinter, crack or rot
  • In use for village gates, it is very safe by the side of the road as it does not have any internal structure or support meaning it will simply collapse in case of a motoring accident
  • Does not contain harmful chemical treatments
  • No special tools required for installation

Plastic Village Gate
Plastic Fencing
Pool Fencing

Easy Installation

  • NO special tools
  • NO preset holes to drill
  • NO special training needed
  • Standard construction methods are used
  • Waterproof